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Staying in the Green for Saint Patrick's Day Celebrations

Just when winter is coming to a close and we think the holidays are officially over, St. Patrick’s Day catches us by surprise every time. Landing on March 17th, it’s a festive holiday adorned with 3-leaf clovers, parties and more green flare than an Irish countryside. Though it may not seem like it at first, there’s actually a lot of money that goes into celebrating all things green this time of the year.

According to the National Retail Federation, Americans celebrating St. Patrick’s Day are expected to collectively spend around $4.7 billion this year to keep the party going. But just because everyone else is spending a pot of gold this St. Patrick’s Day, doesn’t mean you have to. If keeping some green in your pockets has meant using signature loans lately, you may want to tread lightly as you plan your St. Patrick’s Day shindigs.

Here are some ways you could celebrate the green while staying in the black this Saint Patrick’s Day:


Rather than going out, stay in and make a corned beef and cabbage dinner at home. All that goes into making this traditional St. Patrick’s Day meal is ham, sausage, potatoes and cabbage. It’s easy, cheap and oh so good! You can also find a wealth of other Irish cuisines with just a quick Google search. To top things off, add a little green food coloring to your beverages. It’s a fun and cheap way to get into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit. Why spend extra cash to eat in a crowded restaurant when you could do it yourself and dine in the comfort of home? Not to mention, think of all the money you’ll save on food with the leftovers.


Decorations are always a fun way to celebrate any holiday. You could save a ton on the St. Patrick’s Day décor just by using the green stuff from your Christmas stash. Merge all of your green lights and ornaments into your St. Patrick’s Day decorating. If you want to have some fun with it, why not try to make some decorations of your own? But if crafting isn’t your thing, stop by your local dollar store instead.

You’ll be sure to find a bunch of St. Patrick’s Day decorations at cut-rate prices. To save even more green, remember to save this year’s decorations for next year. While you’re at it, think ahead and grab some green decorations the day after St. Patrick’s Day. All the stores are eager to get rid of their holiday stock and will be putting huge discounts on all the remaining St. Patrick’s Day items.


You don’t have to stay in this St. Patrick’s Day to save money. Feel free to venture out to find free entertainment in your area. Normally, there’s a festival or a parade happening on a day like St. Patrick’s Day and admission is usually free or minimal. Go to your city’s local events calendar and see what’s happening this year.

There’s also plenty of other fun ways you could celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. With spring around the corner, why not call up some friends and maybe have a backyard barbeque? Ask everyone to bring a dish and to wear something green. You could always come up with your own plans and remember to keep it simple. The key to saving money during the holidays is to be resourceful and work with what you have. Stay in budget and you can avoid the need for installment loans and keep the green in your pockets all year round.