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Top 10 Ways People Are Throwing Away Their Money

Yep, you're probably throwing money away! But no, it's not really your fault since you might not even know what's causing you to lose out. So, we're going to tell you so you can start to take back the cash that is yours.

Avoid These 10 Acts Of Unnecessary Spending

Paying For Things You Could Get For Free

Okay, don't hate us but we're about to tell you something upsetting. You shouldn't be buying your daily coffee from an expensive coffee place. You probably have a coffee machine at work that you can use for free so do it!

Wasting Electricity And Water

Leaving your lights on, keeping the water running while you brush your teeth, and not unplugging your devices from the wall all cause you to waste utilities. Not only is this bad for the environment; but it's not too healthy for your wallet either. You are, quite literally, flushing money down the toilet.

Impulse Purchases

We understand that it feels tempting to buy that pair of pants at 50% off. Yep, it's certainly a steal. But if you don't stop to think about whether you'll actually wear them, you are throwing money away for no reason.

Never Returning Products You Don’t Want

If the price tag is on it, you need to return it, my friend! You would get your money back no questions asked. But as it stands, you have items cluttering up your closet that you've never worn, right? Get your cash back!

Having A Far Too Fancy Shower Head

That ultra-high-power shower head of yours is causing you to waste money like crazy. Replacing it with a lower flow can limit the amount of water you use, which saves the planet and your bank account.

Using Non-LED Lightbulbs

To be honest, most of you probably changed your lightbulbs to energy savers a long time ago. However, if you haven't done so, you should! You could be saving energy and cash, all through a few lightbulb changes.

Buying Extended Warranties

Remember when you purchased your refrigerator and bought that extended warranty? Did it break? No? Funny that! Extended warranties are a myth. Items that have this option usually never malfunction during this lengthened period so don't waste your money.

Never Asking For A Refund

It can be rather daunting to speak up and ask for a refund when you aren't satisfied with the service or product. But, if you get over that potential obstacle, you'll find that companies do honor their money-back guarantee.

Never Claiming Money That Is Rightfully Yours

Each year, the government reports all the unclaimed money and encourages its owners – potentially you – to get their hands on it. Whether it's IRS refunds, stock holdings, or old bank accounts, you might be owed something so don't want to miss out on!

Shelling Out For Late Fees

Even when these late fees seem small, they quickly add up, often without you realizing it. Whether it's overdue books from the library or DVD rentals, having to pay these pesky charges costs you cash. Our advice? Remember to return your items!


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How To Deal With Unexpected Emergencies: Take Out Title Loans or Payday Loans

Even if you do avoid spending unnecessarily, you will still inevitably run into unexpected expenses. Things like sudden medical emergencies, home repairs, auto accidents, or even unemployment. When those events happen, a title loan Nevada or applying for a payday loan can help out.

The Advantages Of Title Loans Near Me And Payday Loans

  • Quick cash: Both title loans and payday loans are really fast to acquire. If we can hopefully approve you, it will take all of 30 minutes from the time you walk in for you to walk out of the store with the cash you need.
  • You keep your vehicle: This one only applies to title loans. Even once you obtain the loan, you can still keep driving! Just be sure to stick to the repayment schedule you agree to with the loan rep.
  • Credit isn’t an issue: This is why we are so quick! We won’t turn you away or deny you based on your credit score. So if you have stellar credit or terrible credit, you can still apply.
  • Super convenient: You can begin to apply for both payday and title loans from the comfort of your home. Literally. You don't even need to leave the couch. And once you do come in, you won’t be here for too long.

What Can You Use Title Loans Or Payday Loans For?

You can use these loans for any unexpected situation! Nope, we're not lying to you. These loans are set for you to handle any situation you cannot handle yourself. So, pay off those car repairs, handle your late utility bills, do whatever you need to do with the money.

The Quick And Easy Process Of Acquiring Title Loans and Payday Loans

Nowadays, the process starts online! Just follow the steps below and you'll have your hands on your cash in no time – if all goes well and we can approve you.

Step One: Fill in the form. You will find this on our Nevada Title and Payday Loans website on the homepage. If you're applying for a title loan in Nevada, you'll have to give details about your vehicle.

Step Two: Wait for a loan representative to contact you. As soon as you submit the form you should expect to receive a phone call. The loan rep will go over the necessary items you have to bring with you and answer any of your preliminary questions.

Step Three: Head over to a title loan center anywhere in Nevada to finish the process. We will go over your necessary items, see if we can approve you, and discuss the terms in detail. For a title loan, we will have to do a vehicle inspection to determine how much you qualify for. If you are approved and agree with the terms, you can sign the paperwork.

Step Four: If approved, you can walk out with the cash you qualify for. Yep, that's all there is to it!

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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