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Planning Affordable Family Vacations Without The Stress 

Planning affordable family vacations may seem like a pipe dream, especially if you're traveling abroad. But it's surprisingly possible with a few tips and tricks.

In the following sections, we're diving into everything you need to know about booking budget-friendly trips that you and your children will adore.

7 Tips For Planning Affordable Family Vacations Stress-Free

Plan Together

For affordable and stress-free family trips, you must plan together — yes, that means including the kids in preparations. 

Even though parents often hesitate to ask their children for vacation-planning input, it's a highly successful method to ensure you stay within budget while keeping everyone happy. It doesn't mean that the kids are in charge of all the decisions; it's simply a way to ensure everyone feels heard, respected, and satisfied with what's going on. 

Limit Restaurant Meals

It's far too easy to let food costs rack up while you're away. After all, nobody wants to cook on vacation. However, limiting restaurant meals may be precisely what the budget doctor ordered, particularly if you travel for extended periods.

Unless you're vacationing somewhere with super-cheap restaurant food, set a limit of one restaurant meal per day. We recommend going out for dinner instead of wasting memory-making time heading to tourist-packed restaurants at noon.

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Speaking of tourists, you can save even more money by heading outside the most popular eating spots. Aim for one or two blocks away from the hotspots for best results. While still geared toward tourists, these restaurants will likely have lower rates than those along the main boulevard.

Try To Save On Flights 

Flights are one of the most expensive parts of vacationing. So, finding cheap airline tickets is essential for keeping costs down. Here are a few ways to get the best deal:

  • Look for flights as soon as possible to understand the prices.
  • Use Google Flights to set price alerts for the best travel days.
  • Test different dates (some are cheaper than others).
  • Break the flight into two parts (it is cheaper sometimes).
  • Always shop around and check comparison sites.

Vacation During Shoulder Seasons

Choosing when to travel is as important as choosing where because most destinations are costlier during peak times. This applies to cash and points payments.

Some destinations boast peak holiday times around Christmas, Thanksgiving, and summer/spring school break. Others, however, depend on the seasons and weather. For instance, ski resorts are more expensive in the winter. 

A shoulder season (e.g., fall) is a more wallet-friendly time to travel to most places. So, could you try to time your family vacation so it sits in your destination's shoulder season?

Look For Free Experiences

Attractions and experiences are ultra-expensive, especially when you're traveling with kids. But there are a few options if you know where to look. 

For example, cities offer free museum days that allow you to explore history or art exhibitions at no cost. Some places even offer free walking tours that take you around the location's best-kept secrets. Although, keep in mind that tips are appreciated (and expected) during these tours. 

You may even find free versions of popular attractions, saving you massive sums while still having the time of your life.

Broaden Your Accommodation Horizons

All-inclusive resorts and hotels are straightforward but aren't the most bank-friendly option. Vacation rentals, like those found on Airbnb, tend to be the best for low-cost family vacations thanks to the following distinct advantages:

  • They're cheaper than hotels but in a similar location.
  • Kitchen facilities let you cook meals to avoid overpriced restaurants.
  • Laundry facilities let you pack fewer garments.
  • Everybody sleeps better in separate bedrooms.

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