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How To Avoid Having A Late Mortgage Payment Each Month

Here are some steps to take to avoid a late mortgage payment. Buying a home is one of the most important purchases you’ll make in your life. Also life-changing is the often hefty monthly mortgage payment you now need to make.

For a variety of reasons, including unexpected financial emergencies, keeping up with your monthly mortgage payment can be challenging. And a late mortgage payment can wreak havoc on your debt, overall finances, and credit.

Here are a few techniques to try to keep afloat even if your mortgage payment is very high and you are struggling to avoid a late mortgage payment.

8 Tips To Avoid Having A Late Mortgage Payment

1. Make Sure You Know When A Late Mortgage Payment Occurs

It sounds simple, but with our busy lives, it’s easy to forget due dates for your slew of bills and even your mortgage payment.

Be sure to make a note on a physical calendar or set a due date reminder on your phone. A late mortgage payment can quickly be reported to credit agencies as soon as 15 days after your due date, and missing a large mortgage payment can significantly impact your credit score.

2. Set Automatic Payments

Check with your mortgage lender to see if you can set up automatic payments for your mortgage. In fact, most lenders offer the service and it goes a long way in helping you make payments on time month after month.

3. Make Sure You’re On Top Of Your Budget

Many people have to deal with a late mortgage payment because they overspent during the month, dipping into the amount they would normally budget for their mortgage.

Having a mortgage means being extra diligent about spending and savings to avoid missing big, needed expenditures like mortgages. An important way to avoid a late mortgage payment is to follow your budget closely.

4. Try Refinancing Or Consolidation

If the high bill amount leads to a late mortgage payment or you have trouble keeping track of your long-term personal, student, and mortgage loans, there is one option for you to consider. Refinancing your mortgage and consolidating your loans may help you out of a sticky situation. By having your bills lowered or recalculated into one bill each month, it’s harder to miss a payment.

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5. See If Biweekly Mortgage Payments Are Available

Paying your mortgage over time instead of all at once at the end of the month makes a late mortgage payment less likely.

With a biweekly mortgage payment, you pay your mortgage every two weeks as opposed to monthly. It adds one full payment each year, but it’s a fair price to pay if you have trouble with a large mortgage payment each month.

6. Make Sure You Keep Up With Savings

A late mortgage payment can get you even deeper into debt. Make sure you keep adding to your savings account as much as possible in case you have no choice but to make a late mortgage payment. Having a nice nest egg to make sure your mortgage is paid on time will have a dramatic impact on your finances.

7. Consider A Side Hustle

If you’re not bringing in quite enough money to cover your monthly mortgage payment, figure out a way to easily bring in the cash you need so you won’t ever have to make a late mortgage payment again.

Find a second job that fits in with your schedule. Things like food delivery, selling crafts, babysitting, and dog-walking. In some circumstances, a second job can entirely cover your monthly mortgage.


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Get Your Mortgage Paid On Time With These Tips

Life is full of financial challenges and ensuring you have your bills paid on time, including your mortgage, is essential. It is important you remember these tips to get your mortgage paid on time. If you need help with overcoming a financial emergency, auto title loans near me are here to help. So, fill out a form online to get the process going.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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