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5 Cheap, Unusual, But Effective Car Maintenance Tips

As a car owner, you should always remember to take care of your car. A well-maintained car is a joy to drive, and it can ensure a safe driving experience. If you want to keep your car in great shape for a long time, follow these five easy car maintenance tips. And it will also help you get a title loan too.

Brighten up Your Headlights with Toothpaste

Your headlights are constantly exposed to the elements. This constant exposure to different environmental conditions, including dirt will eventually make your headlights’ glass dull and hazy. This will affect the brightness of your headlights at night.

A good hack you can do to restore the clarity of your headlights is using toothpaste. Get a whitening toothpaste (not the gel one) and apply it to your headlights.

Then buff out your headlights with it. It will remove the gunk on your headlights and make it clear again.

Use a Razor on Your Windshield

Just like your headlights, your car’s windshield is also constantly exposed to the environment. Eventually, your windshield may accumulate a lot of dirt, with some of it sticking to the glass so stubbornly that your windshield wipers won’t be able to remove them.

A great hack you can perform to clean your windshield is to get a razor and skim the blade over your windshield. Don’t worry, if you do it correctly and with just the right pressure, you’re not going to scratch your windshield.

This is a great way to remove dirt that’s stuck on the glass-like resin, bits of asphalt, stubborn dirt, etc.

Clean Your Engine

This is one of the most popular car maintenance tips that will ensure your car longevity. Mechanics recommend checking your engine regularly for fluids (to make sure they’re at optimal level), leaks, and inspecting belts. But one important thing you can do to your engine is to actually clean it.

Engines eventually get dirty even if they’re always covered by your car hood. A dirty engine will run hotter and will be prone to damage. Go pop that hood and clean your engine by wiping it down with a clean rag to remove dust, oils, and any other stuff.

The engine cleaning can be done either with a good engine cleaner (you can find those at auto-shops) or a rag with some water and dish soap.

Be careful when cleaning your engine. Don’t touch the battery terminals and make sure you avoid the electricals if you’re going to use water.

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Check Your Tire Tread Depth

We all know that a part of regular car maintenance is checking your tire air pressure and making sure that it is inflated to the recommended pressure set for your car. But another essential thing you should always check is your tire tread depth.

Your tire treads play a big role in making sure that there is constant friction between the tires and the road to prevent your car from skidding especially when there are adverse weather conditions like strong rains. Check the depth of your tire treads to ensure that it’s not worn out.

A good test you can perform to check tire tread depth is the penny test. Get a penny and place it between the treads. Make sure you place the penny with Lincoln’s head is pointing towards the tread. If his head is way below the tread, then it’s still at the recommended depth. But if you can see the whole head, then it’s time for a tire replacement.

Schedule Regular Tune-Ups

Oftentimes, car owners will only remember to have their car tuned up when they’re already noticing their car not performing at its optimal best. A good car maintenance tip is to regularly schedule your tune-up. Your first tune-up should be when you reach 60,000 to 90,000 miles.

A tune-up will mean having the following cleaned or replaced: air filter, spark plugs, throttle body, fuel filter, PCV valves, distributors, ignition wires, and fuel injection.

What to Do in Case of Unexpected Car Repairs

Sometimes, your car will break down even if it is well maintained. When this happens, you’ll usually find yourself needing some quick cash to finance the repairs. This is where a title loan can be useful.

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How to Get Title Loans 

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A Quick Way to Get Money

A title loan is so easy to apply for. If you need quick cash for a car repair emergency, a medical emergency, or any situation where you need cash on hand immediately then a title loan will save the day.

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Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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