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Top 10 Part-Time Jobs to Make Extra Cash

The holiday season is coming up and you might be looking to make some extra cash with a part-time job. You’ve got to play Santa Claus and with your list of gifts, you need some extra help. If the budget needs a bit of expanding, like Santa’s belt, then check out these seasonal part-time jobs that can help you stock that Christmas tree!

Seasonal Jobs To Make Some Extra Cash

Seasonal Retail

With the coming of the holidays follows longer store hours, busier malls, and more customers. Retail locations are always on the search for extra help during the holiday season.

Holiday Decorator

Solicit your holiday decorating services to businesses and homeowners! If you’ve got an eye for tinsel and are a whiz at assembling a blowup reindeer - this could be a few weeks of easy money for you. Even better if you’re skilled at lighting outdoor trees. This is a task that many people would rather hire out.

Gift Wrapper

For the sharp corner perfectionist, you can excel as a professional gift wrapper. Either start a mini-business of your own and supply all the paper and ribbons or search for hiring opportunities at store locations. Gift wrapping is a major holiday need and those ribbons aren't going to curl themselves.


Everyone enjoys a little extra indulgence around the holidays. It’s even a very popular form of gift-giving! From sending tins of flavored popcorn to decorated Christmas cookies, the baked delight is a highly sought-after holiday treat. Employ yourself or find those help wanted signs in your local cake shops or grocery bakery departments.


It’s getting cold outside and the demand for hot beverages is ever on the rise. Coffee shops are hiring more baristas and the tips are pretty good. The drive-through lines go around the block for peppermint mochas during the holidays and lots of coffee shops will be searching for more help.


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On-Call Customer Service

This is the type of part-time job that can extend past the holidays. After opening up those gifts and maybe finding some with malfunctions or confusing directions, customer service lines will start ringing off the hook.

Businesses need extra help in dealing with this influx of consumer needs. This job can even be remote – so it’s great for family needs.

Dress Up As Santa

Are you jolly? Do you have a thundering “ho ho ho”? Extra perks if you don’t need that pillow to stuff in your jacket. The role of Santa is calling your name! Malls, parks, and city plazas everywhere are on the hunt for happy and friendly people to play Ol’ Saint Nick. This is seriously fun job – you’ll get to see lots of happy, and sometimes terrified, children and provide loads of holiday joy to them.

Dress Up As An Elf

What is the next best thing to playing Santa? Well, playing an Elf of course! Along with the need for Santa’s this season comes the need for Santa’s assistants. Guides to shuffle children over to the big chair, take photos, and organize a line. If you don’t mind candy cane tights and speaking in a high pitched voice, this job’s all yours.

Food Delivery

A great option for work at your pace type of job is searching for employment with the many food delivery services out there. Be that Grubhub, DoorDash, or even Instacart, there’s plenty of options to search. More people stay home or have large gatherings during the holidays and are still just as hungry.

Delivery Driver

Not food delivery, but packages! We all know that the mail system gets completely overloaded during the holidays. Join the legions of delivery vans and trucks in making sure that those presents get delivered on time.


part-time seasonal jobs extra cash


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