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What To Know About The Hispanic Population In Las Vegas, NV

The Hispanic population in Las Vegas, Nevada is growing every year and becoming more influential in elections. There are some things that you should know about this population and how they are shaping the future of Las Vegas and national elections as a whole. Here are the most important things that you need to know about the population of Hispanics in Nevada.

Learn About The Hispanic Population In Nevada

The Hispanic Population Is Growing Quickly

The Hispanic population in Las Vegas, Nevada is growing quickly. As a matter of fact, almost a quarter of the residents of the city is now Hispanic. The Hispanic population in Las Vegas is growing every year, and Mexicans make up the vast majority of this population. Nowadays, the Hispanic population accounts for almost a quarter of the total city population.

Twenty years ago, Hispanic people accounted for less than a fifth of the total city population. Hispanic people actually consist of almost half of the entire Nevada population now, and this percentage is expected to keep growing in the future. This growth in population has helped Nevada gain extra congressional seats after the last few censuses.

They Tend To Vote Democrat

The Republican Party is not popular amongst the Hispanic population in Las Vegas, Nevada. Latino support for democratic candidates has been steadily growing for decades now. In the most recent elections, nearly three-quarters of the Hispanic population in Las Vegas, Nevada voted for the Democratic candidate. This is significant because there are a lot of Hispanic voters in Las Vegas.

14 percent of all of the eligible voters in Las Vegas identify as Hispanic, and there are almost a quarter million registered voters in the state of Nevada who identify as Hispanic. This has created a significant impact on recent elections. For example, Harry Reid was re-elected as the Majority Leader largely due to the fact that his approval rating amongst Hispanics was 90 percent.

These voters carried him to victory over his opponent Sharron Angle. This helped the Democratic Party maintain its majority in the Senate. His win was driven by Angle’s extreme anti-immigrant platform that has been accused of racism because of her negative depiction of Hispanic immigrants. In fact, the Republican Party is unpopular in general amongst Hispanic people in Las Vegas.

In all of the recent elections, the Hispanic population has voted overwhelmingly Democrat. Because this population keeps growing, they will have more influence in the years to come. If the Republican Party in Las Vegas wants to win future elections, they will have to make an effort to become more popular amongst the Hispanic population.

Immigration Reform Is Widely Popular

Public opinion research over the years has presented solid evidence that immigration reform is popular. More than two-thirds of all voters believe that undocumented immigrants should be allowed to stay in the country permanently – as long as they learn English, pay back taxes, and pass background checks. The vast majority of Hispanic voters both in Las Vegas and in other parts of the state support creating pathways to earned citizenship.

Hispanic population in Las Vegas

They Contribute A Lot Of Money To The Economy

The Hispanic population in Las Vegas, Nevada contributes a ton of money to the state and local economy. According to one study, Hispanic people contribute over a billion dollars every year. And even though there is no state income tax in Nevada, undocumented immigrants contribute hundreds of millions of dollars every year to other state and local taxes. They also contribute a lot of money to the economy through purchasing goods and services.

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Learn About The Hispanic Population In Las Vegas Today

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