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Do You Need Same-Day Cash? Here's How to Get It

Life is unpredictable. Day to day, we never know what the situation is going to look like or what sudden challenge is going to rear its ugly head and wreak havoc on our financial health. Car accidents, emergency room visits, job loss, broken utilities: all can strike without a moment’s notice, and all unfortunately require some amount of money to fix. Money that all too often we don’t have.

Studies show that most Americans only have access to around $400 in cash before their bank account is completely depleted. With so little cash on hand, how do they meet the challenge of sudden financial emergencies? How do you, if you find yourself hit by an emergency of that type?

That’s the question we’re here to answer today. Here are a few ways you can get fast, same-day cash when you need it.

Family or Friend Loan

The simplest way to get cash quickly is to simply ask a friend or family member for it. But while it may be the simplest, this is often one of the most uncomfortable methods for most people, and it’s understandable why. The last thing many of us want is to take advantage of those closest to us or give them the impression they can’t say no. On top of that, it can be humiliating to admit we need help and feel like we’re begging.

To make the process a little easier, only ever ask those who you know aren’t in financial distress themselves for a loan, and always be clear that they can turn you down without any kind of emotional repercussions. Another important thing to do is to be clear about the terms of the loan: clearly lay out when you’ll pay it back, in what kind of installments, and at what interest rate if any. It’s also always best to have these conditions written down even if it’s just on the back of a napkin: it’ll save you a lot of argument and anger down the line to be able to pull it out so no one feels cheated.

Pawn Shops

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Pawn shops are an institution as old as civilization, and that’s because they fill a critical role: fast cash. Most of us have hanging around our house at least a few items of value: jewelry, electronics, furniture, collectibles of one variety or other. A pawn shop is the fastest way to access that value and convert it into cold hard cash. While you may not get ‘market value’ or the same amount of money as if you’d sold your items through slower avenues like Amazon or Ebay, if speed is key a pawn shop is your best option.

Finding a reputable pawn shop isn’t too difficult: a quick online search will reveal any near you, and perhaps surprisingly Yelp has reviews for pawn shops just like any other service.

Title Loans

Title loans in Nevada are similar to pawn shops in that they unlock and convert the value of an item you own into cash. In their case, your car. But unlike a pawn shop, you don’t actually lose access to it. In a title loan you continue to drive your car as you normally would for the duration of the loan, your car title simply serving as collateral.

Considering that almost all of us have a car, a title loan is a potential option for the majority of Americans. And considering that in the state of Nevada it can potentially net you up to $15,000 depending on the condition of your car, it is also by far the most effective way of getting same-day cash.

The only real issue most people have with title loans is where to find them, as can be seen with why ‘where are title loans near me?’ is such a common search time. If you’re one of those wondering ‘where are title loans near me?’ then search no further. With our simple to use online location finder tool, you can find the closest title loan store to you in minutes. And when you need same-day cash, that’s no small thing.

To make the process as fast and seamless as possible, be sure to bring the few items you’ll require: a state issued I.D., the lien-free title of your vehicle, and your vehicle itself. Compared to the small mountain of paperwork you’d face from a traditional loan, they shouldn’t be too hard to gather and find before setting off.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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