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Investing In Real Estate For Beginners 

When done right, real estate investing can be incredibly lucrative. It can help you diversify your current investment portfolio, provide passive income, or become your entire career. However, most people need to learn how to get started, and that's where this article comes in.

There are many ways beginners can get started in real estate — it just depends on how much capital you have right off the bat. The following sections walk you through three potential entry points requiring varying amounts of money upfront.

What Are Three Ways To Invest In Real Estate For Beginners?

Beginning your real estate journey does not have to be a difficult process. There are simple steps you can take to start out small. From there, you can upscale and continue investing in real estate to see financial gains.

The following are three ways to begin investing in real estate:

1. Beginners Can Invest In Real Estate By Purchasing REITs

Otherwise known as real estate investment trusts (REITs), REITs let you invest in real estate without the physical side. Sometimes likened to mutual funds, REITs are companies that own commercial buildings (e.g., hotels, retail spaces, and office blocks) and pay high dividends. Those who don't need or want the regular income can reinvest the dividends to further their investment. 

REITs can be incredible investments but can also be complex and varied. The type of REIT you buy plays a big part in the risk you take; non-traded REITs, for example, are challenging to sell or value.

2. Try Real Estate Crowdfunding

This strategy lets businesses raise capital from a large group of investors. It's performed via online portals that offer a meeting ground for developers and interested investors. You'll receive equity in the development project in exchange for your money. You'll get quarterly or monthly distributions when said projects are successful. 

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You can only access some real estate crowdfunding platforms, though. Many are reserved for high-net-worth or highly experienced people. Despite that, there are several less exclusive sites for beginners.

3. Flip Houses As You Begin Investing In Real Estate

House flippers are wildly different from buy-and-rent landlords. A house flipper purchases properties, holds them for a short duration (no longer than three to four months), and sells them for profit.

There are two main ways to do this:

  • Hold and resell — Purchase properties in a quickly rising market, hold for a few months, and then sell for a decent profit.
  • Repair and update — Buy a property that you believe will increase in value with specific updates/repairs. Complete the work as quickly as possible and sell at a price that exceeds your whole investment (renovations included).

Either way, you need to do more to unload the property profitably.

What Can You Do When An Emergency Halts Your Real Estate Investing Plan?

There's no denying that investing in real estate is a costly endeavor. Granted, it's likely to pay off in the end. However, it typically needs a lot of financial commitment immediately.

With that in mind, letting emergencies throw your dream out the window can be easy. Whether it's medical bills, a trip to an out-of-hours veterinary center, car damage, or a divorce, you might be tempted to let these things take over. your finances.

But there are other options.

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REITs, RELPs, rentals, house flipping, and crowdfunding are all great ways for beginners like you to enter the exciting (and profitable) world of real estate. Some require more financial commitment upfront than others, so choose the one that's best for your budget.

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Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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