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Tips For Managing Your Christmas Money Better This Year

If you listen to people talking about managing Christmas money, you’ll notice that most talk about how expensive everything is during the holidays and how hard it is to stay on top of it. And that’s the thing! Often we have trouble managing Christmas money because we have trouble staying on top of our spending.

We spend more and more, often on things we don’t need, because we’re constantly busy and worried about missing something or someone out. Better overspend than miss something crucial. But if you start early and with a solid game plan, efficiently managing your Christmas money is much, much easier. Here are our tips for doing it and when a Nevada payday advance can help.

Manage Your Christmas Money With These Tips

1. Set A Hard Spending Limit

Know how much you’re working with and keep that money separate from the rest of your expenses. Either set up a separate spending account or do a cash envelope (it could help you spend less). Just make sure you’re spending only money you’ve decided you’re comfortable spending and not more. If you’ve decided $500 is your Christmas money this year, then that’s your Christmas money this year – and not a penny more.

2. Create A Budget To Show You’re Spending

Break down all you’ll be spending money on during the holidays into separate expense lines and break the money down for each of them. Include a little wiggle room in your budget, so if there are any unexpected upcharges on certain expenses lines or discounts on others, you can move the cash around to fit your purposes.

3. Make A Shopping List And Look For Deals

Shopping lists and budgets together are efficient tools to help you both stay within your spending limit and stay on top of your Christmas errands. This is why you should start looking for sales and deals only after you’ve got a comprehensive list of items you need. Just because there’s a good discount doesn’t mean you should buy something you don’t need. It’s not 50% cheaper, it’s 50% more you’re paying than you would otherwise.

4. Don’t Get Too Excited

You can add more flexibility to your budget by utilizing “use now pay later” services like Afterpay and zipPay, or putting certain items on a credit card, to relieve some pressure, but do make sure that you don’t abuse either option and have them incorporated in the budget accordingly so that you can stay on top of the payments later.

5. Try Sharing Your Financial Burdens With Others

Discuss with your family and/or friends the possibility of organizing one large celebration together and sharing the burden for it, instead of celebrating separately on multiple occasions. Do a potluck-style gathering, or share expenses for the restaurant order, or organize a Secret Santa to cut down on gift expenses, and so on. Chances are others want to save on Christmas as much as you do. Someone just needs to start a conversation.

6. Don’t Let Others Force You Into Things

A big part of Christmas expenses comes from having to participate in multiple social events. Some we don’t quite enjoy. Let this be a year of saying “no”. Don’t let yourself be roped into gatherings just because you feel you must. Christmas is, first and foremost, supposed to be about spending time with people you love and enjoying yourself. Don’t let it be about anyone else – even if they’re family.

7. Start A Sinking Fund For The Next Christmas

The larger your budget, the more comfortable you’ll be able to handle Christmas expenses. So to make managing your Christmas money easier next year-round – start saving for it now. Contributing $50 (or however much you feel comfortable with) each payday will be much easier, than stretching the few that you get right before Christmas.


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Manage Your Christmas Money And Enjoy Your Holidays

Managing your Christmas money well means you are able to enjoy your holidays. These seven tips are great for helping you get started on the right track to managing your finances. Because once you manage your money, you can just sit back and enjoy your holiday festivities.

But no matter how good you are at managing Christmas money, you might still find yourself struggling to cover emergency expenses that hit your budget. Unexpected expenses tend to pop up during holidays. A payday advance could easily help you cover yours. Fill out the online form now to get started.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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