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5 Spooky Jobs You’ve Never Heard Of

Any job can be scary. There are the long hours, the low pay, the customers, and the short lunch breaks. But then there are truly spooky jobs. The kind that makes your skin crawl just by hearing about them — if you’ve heard of them at all. They’re very unique and truly so spooky you can’t imagine ever doing them.

In other words, if you are looking for something more spooky to do as a job, there are plenty of appropriate gigs for you to make some good Halloween cash. Here, you can learn about five spooky jobs you may not know even existed that you can choose and also learn how to make the extra money you need this Halloween season.

5 Of The Spookiest And Most Unusual Jobs 

1. Herpetologist

Have you ever wanted to work at a zoo? One option is a herpetologist. This is truly an example of spooky jobs that can get you Halloween cash. Herpetologists are experts on reptiles and amphibians, which means they are experts on the type of creatures that some would rather avoid at all costs. Animals like snakes, frogs, crocodiles, newts, and numerous types of lizards.

One thing to keep in mind to do this kind of job is you probably won’t be indoors in the zoo or at a lab. Many herpetologists study animals out in the field, collecting specimens in their natural habitat. This means you could find yourself working in places like a swamp or even the jungle. Basically wherever you usually find these animals is where you will work.

2. Forensic Entomologist

You’ve likely heard of entomologists, also known as insect experts. But forensic entomologists make this one of the spooky jobs on this list. A forensic entomologist specializes in insects, but the types that are usually associated with dead bodies. Think flies and maggots and a range of other bugs that can offer a wealth of information about times and locations of death.

These bugs and flies can help dictate time of death and other important information detectives need to help them solve cases. This means that forensic entomologists are often integral to murder investigations. So while it definitely is a job for someone with a strong stomach, it’s also one of the most important when it comes to helping victims.

3. Medical Waste Transporter

You’ve likely heard of medical waste but probably didn’t think about it in the context of a career. Also known generally as medical waste workers, medical waste transporters rank high on our spooky jobs list since they are in charge of collecting and moving all forms of medical waste. This can be medical waste from places like blood banks, clinics, and hospitals. Such waste includes body parts, radioactive material, dead animals, human fluids, and more.

4. Snake Milker

Snake milkers’ main duty is exactly what it sounds like – you are extracting snake venom from snakes. While it may sound odd, snake venom is milked for a very important reason. It’s used to create anti-venom that saves the lives of many people bitten by poisonous snakes every day. This can be handy for campers or hikers that get bit.

This is especially used for those living in countries like Africa and Asia where such animals are prevalent and medical care is sometimes not readily available. Snake milkers can also work for zoos and research institutions, but the work is pretty much the same wherever you choose to go. You will be extracting the venom from snakes.

5. Police Divers

When it comes to spooky jobs, you could also be a police diver who gets to spend most of the time underwater looking for missing people. Police divers also often search for weapons or other items tied to crimes buried in the muck and grime of lakes and rivers.

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Get The Halloween Cash You Need

This Halloween, there are plenty of spooky jobs out there to make some Halloween cash. So if you are short on cash, look into these jobs as a way to help yourself out. And if you run into a real emergency and these jobs don’t get you the cash you need quickly enough, look into a payday advance. Fill out the online form or give us a call to get started. 

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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