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Top 10 Most Common Reasons People Get a Nevada Title Loan

If you’ve ever found it hard to get approval for cash during a financial emergency, you are not alone. With online title loans in Nevada, you could get a max title loan of $15,000 for your vehicle. You also do not need a car to get approval. Your motorcycle title could get you speedy funds from anywhere between a couple hundred to $15,000. There could be numerous reasons to get a title loan but 10 of the most common reasons people get a Nevada title loan include:

  1. Low credit score
  2. Unemployment
  3. Fully own their vehicle
  4. Need more funds than other loans provide
  5. Fast delivery of funds
  6. Better odds of approval
  7. Keep your car
  8. Financial Emergencies
  9. Home Repairs
  10. Car repairs

Low Credit Score

A great reason to apply for a title loan in Nevada is due to a low credit score. Getting payday loans or a credit card not only typically means waiting longer for approval, but a credit check. Whether you get approval or not will depend mostly on how high your credit score is. However, there are numerous reasons why you may not have a high credit score. Everything from limited credit history to identity fraud can mean a low score even if you can repay your loan. Online title loans instead use your vehicle to determine how much funds you can receive. The higher the resale value of your motorcycle or car, the more you may be able to receive. At Nevada Title & Payday Loans, Inc., you could receive a max title loan of $15,000.


If you are in-between jobs, there could be a period where your funds are limited until the first paycheck of your new position. You may also be receiving benefits though the amount may not be enough to cover certain expenses. With a vehicle title loan, you could get approval regardless of if you are currently unemployed.

Fully Own Their Vehicle

If you fully own your vehicle and need quick funds then a title loan can be a fast and easy way to get the cash you need. Vehicle owners have the opportunity to quickly turn their title into cash and repay the amount and interest at a later date.

Need More Funds

Many loans, such as payday loans, only provide borrowers a maximum amount in the hundreds. Unlike smaller loans, you could get up to $15,000 for your vehicle. This depends on the vehicle and inspection. You will not know exactly how much you can receive until you visit your nearest title loan location and apply.

Fast Delivery of Funds

Nevada man holding online title loans cash.

An additional benefit of title loans in Nevada is fast delivery. Rather than waiting days for approval and then longer for delivery of your funds, you can instead get your cash in as little as half an hour. You can begin your application process online today and visit your nearest location to finish the inspection and verification portion of the process. Afterward, you can sign your agreement and be on your way with cash in your hands.

Better Odds of Approval

Since applying for a title loan doesn’t lower your credit score or rely purely on your score, vehicle owners may have better odds of approval apply for one. If you fully own your vehicle and have the lien-free title under your name, then getting approval can be as simple as going online and bringing the necessary items to a nearby Nevada Title & Payday Loans, Inc. location.

Keep Your Car

A common question about title loans is if you get to keep your vehicle. The answer is yes! During the loan period, you get to keep and use your vehicle as normal.

Financial Emergencies

Sometimes getting funds quickly can be difficult during financial hardships and changes in your life. Getting online title loans can be as quick as a single bank day following approval. If your next check can’t wait, then a title loan could cover your expenses temporarily and ease some financial strain.

Home Repairs

Damage to your property such as roof damage can grow worse over time. Even waiting a week could mean water damaging insulation and thousands of dollars in repairs. Rather than waiting for essential home repairs, you could apply for an online title loan to cover the immediate costs.

Car Repairs

Many households have many multiple vehicles. If you and your partner both rely on your vehicle for work then both must be up and running for your everyday life. By getting an online title loan with your working vehicle, you could get the funds you need to pay for parts and repairs.

Get Approval for A Payday, Signature Installment, or Title Loan in Nevada Today

At Nevada Title & Payday Loans, Inc., you can apply to other loan products that may better fit your needs. Signature installment loans give you more time to pay back your loan. You could also apply for a payday loan and receive a max amount of $500.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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