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How To Prepare For Thanksgiving On A Budget

Fall is here, and you need to start getting ready for Thanksgiving. Whether you're spending it this year with friends or family, there is always plenty of things to be done. Not to mention plenty of things to buy.

Thanksgiving can be stressful for both your head and wallet. And while we can't stop any upcoming drama between your loved ones, we can at least help you keep this year's festivities spending to a minimum.

Here are our tips on how to prepare for Thanksgiving on a budget.

Have A Great Thanksgiving On A Budget With These Tips

Plan Ahead

There are plenty of grocery deals around Thanksgiving time. But one of the best ways to squeeze the most savings is to not wait until the last minute to plan your meal.

If you have a garden, take advantage of it and plant vegetables that you will use for the big meal. For those that don't, preserve your food months ahead and get creative on how you can reuse them for the holidays.

Understanding what you already have in your cupboards and pantries and using that to your advantage is one of the simplest ways to stretch your dollar the extra distance.

Use Coupons

As we've already said, there are deals just waiting to be had well before the week of Thanksgiving. So if you're really dedicated to saving money this year, then meet your new best friend: your local grocery store coupon magazines.

Begin collecting coupons throughout the year to fully take advantage for when those big outings take place. You'll be shocked time and time again by how much you can save by couponing.

This can also be doubled up with our first tip as well. If you spot a great deal or coupon well before Thanksgiving time, don't be afraid to purchase it then and there! Stockpiling and freezing important Thanksgiving staples can lessen the financial load whenever late November ultimately comes.


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Break Tradition

No matter what every recipe book or magazine says, you do not need a turkey to have a great Thanksgiving. Breaking from tradition in the name of saving some money far outweighs any fictional ridicule you may receive from serving your guests a delicious and unique meal.

Instead of turkey, why not Cornish game hens? Or fried chicken? Maybe even lasagna? There are no rules to Thanksgiving when you are the one hosting it. It is your home, so you make the rules. As long as you share the table with those that you love, that is ultimately the one true rule of Thanksgiving.

Prepare Only What You Need

There is another popular Thanksgiving myth that every host needs to make enough food to feed a small country, regardless of how many people they are having over.

Don't fall into this trap. Be judicious and reasonable about how much food you serve. Your guests will not go hungry as long as you remember that they are each eating for one, not one hundred.

You can stretch your proteins much further if you prepare more sides. By doing so, you will be able to reduce the cost of the most expensive portion of the meal. And as seemingly more and more people become vegetarian, this could quickly work in your favor. People will go home raving about the delicious sides you served, and your wallet will thank you as well.

Work On Getting Some Extra Income

If you are exceptionally worried that you might not have enough to prepare the perfect Thanksgiving meal, then perhaps you may be required to search out extra income.

Ask your boss if it is possible to work overtime or weekends prior to Thanksgiving, and perhaps even an advance on your payment. If they say no, there are still plenty of ways to make up that extra cash. If you have a car, consider driving for Uber or Lyft, and or food delivery services. It has never been easier to find work and create your own schedule.


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This Thanksgiving don't worry about breaking the bank. With these tips, you can have a great holiday without burning a massive hole in your wallet.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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