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How Can I Avoid Eviction After The Las Vegas Eviction Moratorium Ends?

Las Vegas, NV is expecting a wave of evictions following the end of the Las Vegas eviction moratorium. If you are one of the people who may be facing eviction, you do have options and rights so that you can remain in your home.

In this article, we will cover two options that can get you money quickly to pay your dues to your landlord and avoid eviction. These two options are Las Vegas title loans and payday loans online. These loans can get you quick cash to pay your rent on time. Let’s have a deeper look at each of them.

The End Of The Las Vegas Eviction Moratorium

In late August, the US Supreme Court blocked the CDC’s temporary eviction moratorium. Although multiple government officials have tried to soften the blow, their efforts have been largely unsuccessful and they’re expecting a huge spike in Las Vegas evictions.

As a result, some Las Vegas residents are facing eviction and potential homelessness since they may not be able to pay rent.

Risks Associated With The Eviction Moratorium Ending

Eviction separates you from your home, creating a stressful and psychologically demanding situation. Not to mention, those being evicted may have difficulty finding new housing options, resulting in homelessness and other stressful situations.

Ways To Avoid Eviction After The Las Vegas Eviction Moratorium Ends

To avoid getting evicted after the Las Vegas eviction moratorium ends, you must pay your rent. However, since you are facing eviction, you may not have the cash. Luckily, there are loan options that can get you temporary assistance so you can avoid eviction.

Title loans and payday loans are two options you can consider. You can get these loans from Nevada Title and Payday Loans, Inc.

las vegas title loans

What Are Title Loans?

Las Vegas title loans are an option if you own the title to your vehicle. With title loans, you can get up to $15,000 by using your title as collateral.

Getting approved for a title loan is simple. The process takes as little as 30 minutes, and all you need is a driver's license, your vehicle title in your name, and your vehicle for inspection.

To start the process for Las Vegas title loans, you can fill out an online form. An agent will then contact you shortly after to set up an appointment to have your vehicle inspected and your documents checked.

Nevada Title and Payday Loans, Inc. have locations all around Nevada. So, you shouldn’t have any difficulty connecting with a store near you. If you get approved for Las Vegas title loans, you get to keep your vehicle for the length of the loan.

Benefits Of Title Loans

There are several benefits to getting a title loan when it comes to avoiding eviction. For starters, the maximum loan amount is up to $15,000. This means that you should be able to pay off your entire rent.

Even if you have bad credit, you may still qualify. All credit types are welcome at Nevada Title and Payday Loans, Inc. Plus since the process only takes 30 minutes, you can get the money you need before you are evicted, even if you are tight on time.

las vegas payday loans

What Are Payday Loans?

If you do not have the title to your vehicle, you still have other options. Payday loans are also fast and simple. Payday loans differ from title loans because your vehicle will not be used as collateral. Instead, payday loans require proof of income and are usually be paid off using your next payday.

The maximum amount is $500. Although this might not cover your entire rent, this is a great option if you have part of your rent covered, but not all of it.

To start the process for payday loans, begin by submitting the Nevada payday loans online form. You should receive a call soon after from an agent who will answer your questions and ask you to bring your government-issued ID, your proof of income, and a blank check to the nearest Nevada Title and Payday Loans, Inc. store.

Once you are at the store, the agent will review your documents to determine if you qualify. If you do, you would also receive your money on the same day or the following business day.

Benefits Of Payday Loans

Payday loans are an option because they can help you out when you are short on cash. You can complete the process for a payday loan in just 30 minutes, which means you will have access to the money even if the eviction deadline is quickly approaching.

A major benefit of payday loans is that non-employed sources of income could also be accepted. For example, things like pension, social security checks, unemployment benefits, or alimony might be an accepted source of income, assuming you have the correct proof or documentation. What this means is that you can still get the loan even if your source of income is not through employment.

Using Loan Options To Avoid Eviction

If you are facing eviction due to the fact that the Las Vegas eviction moratorium is ending, you are not out of options. You can quickly get the cash you need to stay in your home.

Nevada Title and Payday Loans, Inc. offers title loans and payday loans to help you in situations like this. Submit an online form today to get your process started.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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