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Personal Finance Help If You're Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Tired of living from one paycheck to another? Stressed out from always having to find money just to pay bills? Take charge of your finances with these personal finance help tips from experts. You’ll have more peace of mind, and take the first step towards financial stability. Also learn when and how a fast payday loan can help.

Find Creative Ways to Cut Back on Your Spending

You already know that you have to tighten your budget—the problem is finding a way! List down all the major spending categories. Some examples are:

  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Utilities like water and electricity
  • Entertainment
  • Personal expenses (phone bills, clothes, etc.)

Now, challenge yourself to think of 10 ways you can save for each category. “This forces you to find specific solutions, rather than feeling frustrated that you never have enough,” says personal finance help coach Doreen Hawthorne.

Research on the Internet, or post on your social media and ask friends for suggestions. You’re bound to find at least one tip that really works for you!

Save Before You Spend

The first thing you should do when you get your paycheck is to save $50 (or any amount you can afford). Put it in a piggy bank, or have it automatically transferred to a savings account. After a few months, increase that to $75, and then $100.

By doing this, you create the habit of saving and also train yourself to live on less. You also start to build a "Rainy Day Fund" for unexpected expenses.

Track Your Money

Personal finance expert Todd Kunsman also knows how it feels like to struggle from paycheck to paycheck.

He was able to break out of that stressful cycle when he began tracking his expenses on a spreadsheet. It helped him get a complete picture of his finances, and spot “quick wins” where he could save just by changing some habits.

You can do the same with a personal finance help app, a notebook, or a website like Quicken. Your bank may also have their own app, where you can track your deposits, withdrawals and transfers.

Upgrade Your Skills

Aside from saving and managing money, you also want to increase your earning capacity. You may not have a lot of cash, but you can invest time. Look for free online courses, or classes offered by your community center or YMCA.

Create Other Income Streams

Aside from your paycheck, are there any other ways you can earn money? Look for a part-time job or other side hustles. Ask neighbors or friends for job referrals. Think of ways you can monetize something you know very well or enjoy doing—whether it’s selling your home-baked cookies or teaching online classes.

Be Aware of Your Attitudes Towards Money

According to financial coach Leslie McKirney, who provides personal finance help to her clients, many of our spending habits are driven by subconscious attitudes. These are shaped either by parental influence or early experiences.

For example, your habit of buying too many groceries may come from the “fear of not having enough” or childhood memories of not being able to eat the food you liked. Or, you don’t like keeping a budget because you were taught that it was wrong to be stingy. Being aware of your subconscious motivations can help you break unhealthy spending patterns and make more deliberate financial choices.

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Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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